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Skool ERP is a school management system, designed and developed to provide an automated solution for any scholastic institution to coordinate the daily tasks.

The smartest innovative minds backing for our product have made it user-friendly and accessible on all platforms, making it a major choice for every academic year.

Digitize your school and become future ready now !

sKOOL ERP is a simple, powerful, and flexible academic ERP specifically designed for schools with the industry’s most comprehensive set of features, future-ready technology and data security. Edisapp is 100% customizable and comes with school branded mobile apps.

  • Online Admission
  • All in one integrated platform
  • Quick and easy set-up
  • Multi-branch enabled
  • Dedicated support team
  • Regular new features
  • Qualified Team
  • Improves Efficiency
  • Automates Administration

sKOOL ERP Modules

Best School ERP with 40+ modules for high performance

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  • One stop solution for your school
  • Payment Gateway
  • Real Estate Professionals
  • Advance Mobile App
  • Powerful Communication
  • Operations & Data Analysis
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School Management Redesigned Streamlining an ordinary school to a digitized one can be a challenging task.

Having a fully useful home page provides more ease to the users of sKoolERP. The users can easily steer through the different software modules and can get their work done with the least effort. The dashboard, which offers the consolidated data of the system, has a very vital role in improving the user experience. And, we assure you the optimum user experience in dealing with our product.

It is being newly evolved as one of the most essential considerations of a software. We have developed this system totally for all the educational institutions out there to have a smoother operation. User-friendliness is a major factor that determines the output of a system. We can proudly say that we are working towards providing you the greatest design that is effortlessly accessible and efficiently working on all platforms with no time constraints.

One of the current trends seen now-a-days is customization. People are more likely to connect in the customization process in order to try something other than the off-the-shelf products. The main advantage is that they can have the system that is designed to perform their individual preferences. Our team of experts is always available to our valuable clients for the important modifications and the changes needed to be executed.

Just like managing any other institution or company, school administration has several variables involved that are interconnected with one another. Automating a large number of these tasks using software makes the job of every person in their respective administrative roles simpler, less resource intensive, and time-consuming.

With the use of Teachmint’s online school ERP software, the overall efficiency of each person in the school administrative system will increase overall. This is because of the lighter cognitive load on the administrators brought about by using an ERP system. ERP for schools not only helps administrators but also helps teachers and parents keep track of student attendance and performance on a regular basis.

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Digitizing the school to endure in this digital era with a multitude benefits to stand out in academics as well as management.


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