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sKoolERP – The Optimum School Management Software

Digitizing the school to endure in this digital era with a multitude benefits to stand out in academics as well as management.

User Friendly

School Management Software. It’s easy to work on sKoolERP software on your first login without any instructions all you need is the basic knowledge of working on a computer. The sKoolERP is exactly what we were missing in our system. It is flexible enough to accommodate even smallest of our needs..

School Over Phone

The smart phone responsive design lets administrator to view or edit the institution information anytime anywhere over the phone. This school management software has been established to be highly responsive over iOS, Windows and Android phones. As people nowadays prefer more on phones and tablets, these advanced features helps your ERP with the additional benefit to its ease of access.

Web Based

You do not have to install anything on your computer. sKoolERP is an Online School Management System. That means you use it in your favorite browser. sKoolERP software has been beautifully designed in a way that suits our day to day requirements.

Enhanced Client Experience

Providing a brand new educational ethnicity to all the schools across the world is the inspirational feature following the enhancement of this solution. Realizing all the practical challenges needed to face in the running of a school has made us go for such school management software, which can assure you the best experience in your choice of work.

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Involvement of the best intellect

If you are in search of revolutionary digital school, then sKoolERP is the right platform for you. sKoolERP can deal with all the educational tasks that an educational institution requires. Our skilled professional team can provide you the best product that you are looking for and offers full control over the system with its user-friendly feature.

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Best Price and best Packages

sKoolERP is the best School management software solution in the market and at the same time is in the most affordable package. With sKoolERP we offer you a variety of other services like installation, customization, support, hosting, integration, training services and implementation.

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Data Privacy

We offer every school full privacy to their data as the data is fully encrypted while being stored in sKoolERP. When we collect information about a child, parent or staff member, we are clear and transparent about how we intend to use it. Data is accessed only to school authorities who have the access right (User ID and password)

Super Supportive

Support in one word is outstanding Our customer service personnel’s will be available at working hour policies, Hear client issues and resolve them at the earliest. We are much pleased to work on any of your needs regarding our sKoolERP software. With sKoolERP, Customer will manage an educational organization easy at any time anywhere.

Personalizing Data 24X7

Clients have privilege for updating our software for a better enhanced experience in the administration and control of institution data. In account with changing systems or curriculum in the education, users have options for making changes at any time. The security and privacy is no way compromised, so as to ensure that only the right user is having the control of this software.

School Management Redesigned Streamlining an ordinary school to a digitized one can be a challenging task. Our team of PHP developers is working towards this goal with the design and development of  sKoolERP – The most optimum school management software. We, as a part of this society, are proudly participating in the academic up liftment plan by providing our exclusive software to craft a positive school culture all over the world. This easy-to-use and highly scalable product will be worth your investment, if you are ready to think outside the box!

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So Why Choose Us? Way ahead with sKoolERP

Having a fully useful home page provides more ease to the users of sKoolERP. The users can easily steer through the different software modules and can get their work done with the least effort. The dashboard, which offers the consolidated data of the system, has a very vital role in improving the user experience. And, we assure you the optimum user experience in dealing with our product.
It is being newly evolved as one of the most essential considerations of a software. We have developed this system totally for all the educational institutions out there to have a smoother operation. User-friendliness is a major factor that determines the output of a system. We can proudly say that we are working towards providing you the greatest design that is effortlessly accessible and efficiently working on all platforms with no time constraints.
One of the current trends seen now-a-days is customization. People are more likely to connect in the customization process in order to try something other than the off-the-shelf products. The main advantage is that they can have the system that is designed to perform their individual preferences. Our team of experts is always available to our valuable clients for the important modifications and the changes needed to be executed.

sKoolERP is the most easy to use School Management Software

It’s the best school ERP Software that everybody wants.

Multiple User Logins – sKoolERP

Administrative Agenda

As the smooth functioning of an educational institution all the responsibility is of administrative department, our school management system is included with improved way in to the members in the administration panel. In this module they can publish official announcements and notification for teachers, students and parents. This portal can be used to validate the performance and financial growth of the entire academic system. This also lets them to review and manage details of payrolls, library, transportation, examinations and all.

Teacher’s Frame

We realized the need for a specialized access portal for the teachers as they are an vital part in the education system. The sKoolERP, teacher module includes the submission of class attendances, giving the assignments, progress reports of students and many more. Teachers are provided with passwords to access this portal so as to ensure security. The ERP is developed and designed so as to reduce the stress and efforts of teachers in supervising the student records and academic curriculum’s.

Student Circle

The major feature of the student module is that it is designed in a way that it prioritizes all the necessary needs of the pupils. They can securely access this portal with their unique log in password to stay updated with daily class timetable and teacher allocations. They can also get notified with exam schedules, disciplinary warnings, fee payment details, library records or any alterations in class systems. To know details on book borrowings from the library or availability of school buses, students just need to access this module.

Parent Pavilion

With the parent module in sKoolERP System, our clients are ensured by the fulfilled quality of the educational establishment. This feature is made so as to satisfy the important duties of the parents, in monitoring the performance of their children in both the academics and the extra-curricular activities. They can keep following students attendance lists, fee payment details, class schedules, exam timetables, progress reports and all other day-to-day happenings in the school.



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