Time Table Application for Schools

Time Table Management is most tedious and effort consuming task for the school staff. Each class has a unique time table along with specific subjects and subject – teachers. sKoolERP – School Management Software helps in creating time table for students of each class easily and effortlessly.

Solution Creating time table using software saves the time and expelled the manual work. With the software, teacher can find allocation of classes to avoid conflicts in timings.

1. Time Table Allocation

The most useful module which sKool ERP provides. One Click Substitution – Automatic substitution of absent teachers with balanced load distribution. Daily substitution for absent teachers, teachers on leave or for teachers who are not available can be easily generated within no time.

2. Manual Adjustment

Flexibility to manually adjust the time table after generation.It is quick and easy to enter all subjects, classrooms, teachers and their workload.

3. Online View of Time Table to every teachers, guardian and students (Staff wise & Class wise)

Online module is an extension to view Time Table online.The Time Table Software provides facility for displaying the staff wise/ class wise Time Table on your software within no time.